Mid-Week Reflections: How Bad Do You Want It?

Desire is defined as a strong feeling of wanting something or wishing for something to happen. For you to achieve a goal, you have to first have a strong desire to want to achieve it. The basic want to want to start a business will result in you only thinking about starting the business and possibly talking to others about it. An actual desire to reach your goal will have you researching various business plans and actually making steps toward starting your business. Desire will have you walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Wanting to achieve a goal is just a wish. The desire to achieve a goal will light a fire in you that burns so hot that you will not stop until you reach your goal. What do you really want today? Is it a burning desire or a just a wish that you mention to people every now and then? Focus on your desire and work hard to make it a reality.

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