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Mid-Week Reflection: Finding the Lesson

When we go through tough times, we can sometimes come out distrustful, bitter, angry, or even resentful.  We probably have all had a circumstance or two that got us to a place where we could only see the negative.   And when we thought about that situation, the same negative feelings would resurface as if it happened yesterday.  But imagine what would happen if we got the lesson out of the situation and not the anger and pain?  Sometimes the best lessons come from our worst mistakes.  When I look back at the valuable life lessons I have learned such as the value of friendships and living life to the fullest, these lessons were all learned as a result of a bad decision or the pain of losing someone.  Losing someone close to you can teach you the importance of making each day count. 

During this time that many of us are being quarantined, many would consider this a “worst time”.  But even during this time, we can learn the value of family and the importance of togetherness. We can learn that the things we considered vital are just trivial in the grand scheme of things.  I challenge you to find the lessons in what you consider your worsts.  What are some of the life lessons that you have learned during your worst times?

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2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Reflection: Finding the Lesson

  1. I believe there is a lesson in everything.

    1. I agree. We just have to be open enough to see that the lesson is.

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