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Mid Week Reflection: Live Your Dreams, Not Your Fears

This is many of us. This was me up until not very long ago, if I am being honest. If you would have asked me if I was living my dreams, I would have told you I was.  In reality, I was living my fears. I was writing but I was sticking my writings in a drawer for fear that people would not like them. I talked about my blog until I was blue in the face, but I would never start it. I had lists of topics I want to write about, but they sat in my notebook. I was going through the motions but that was all I was doing.   Living your dreams requires you to take the steps toward the things that you desire. Living your dreams means being productive and taking tangible steps toward achieving your goals. It requires you to dig deep and move past fears and inhibitions to achieve your goals. Imagine how much further you would be if you lived your wildest dreams as opposed to your darkest fears. What are you going to do today to move from living your fears to living your dreams?

1 thought on “Mid Week Reflection: Live Your Dreams, Not Your Fears

  1. Thanks for sharing. I used to live my fears rather than my dreams too so I totally understand what you mean.

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