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3 Ways to Sustain the Changes that You Have Made

So maybe you have overcome or are working on overcoming a flawed mindset and may have even overcome some barriers to change.  Now comes the hard part.  Maintaining the change that you have worked so hard to make.  This in of itself can be a monumental task.  Here are a few things that you can do to maintain your change.

  1. Reset if necessary.  It is almost inevitable that you will slip back into old habits.  Do not become discouraged.  You are more than capable of making whatever changes that you desire to make.  Remember this as you reset and continue those changed behaviors that you have already began to implement in order to reach your ultimate goal.  Try not to dwell on your setback.  Just move forward and try again.
  2. Anticipate challenging areas.  The best way to achieve success is to know where your challenges lie.  If you know that you always eat unhealthy foods for lunch when you are at work, pack you a healthier lunch so that you do not even have to be tempted to buy something unhealthy.  Or if your goal is to journal or meditate or anything else that requires time that you feel you currently don’t have, try to wake up earlier and do whatever your goal is before you begin your day.   The goal is to see what could possibly present a challenge and plan around it.
  3. Maintain positive attitude.  Let’s face it. Change is not easy – especially when whatever you are trying to change is something that has become a habit.  Stay positive.  Remember why you decided to make this change and keep that in mind as you maintain your changed behavior.  Try your best to be kind to yourself and be mindful of your self-talk.  You can make and maintain your desired change!

What would you add to this list? Comment below with what you has helped you sustain any changes you have made.

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Sustain the Changes that You Have Made

  1. Yes! You are right! Maintaining the change can be the difficult part of the process. This is exactly how I felt when I became debt free. I did not want to return to the debt trap and had to quickly transform my habits. It makes it easier when you have something else to focus on that is pushing you to the finish line. I changed my thoughts from debt to dividends and it became a game-changer. I even wrote a book about it to refocus my energy. I released “Dividends Are a Queen Last Year”. It was all about me finding ways to get money from Fortune 500 companies instead of them

    1. Yes, a change in mindset can make all the difference when trying to sustain change. Your book seems like it could help a lot of people.

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