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5 Risks of Living in Your Comfort Zone

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I often hear that your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die.  That may sound extreme, but I believe it to be true for the most part.  I will never go as far as to say that nothing can be accomplished while you are in your comfort zone.  However, I would say that you have a much better chance of achieving your goals is you operate outside of your comfort zone.  The familiarity of your comfort zone may be calming and reassuring but it can also be the reason why many goals may not be achieved.  The following are a few risks of remaining in your comfort zone.

Growth is limited in your comfort zone.

You are not likely to do any growing in your comfort zone.  You live each day knowing what to expect and what not to expect.  This brings you a sense of security but with that security comes a lack of personal growth.  Personal growth consists of you learning new skills, expanding your knowledge, and seeking out new experiences.  When you are nestled comfortably in your comfort zone, you are less likely to take advantages of opportunities.  This leads to your potential for personal growth to be limited.

Fall into mental rut.

Life in your comfort zone is predictable.  Everything is the way it always is, and you like it that way.  However, you can get into such a rut in that you begin to believe that where you are is where you are destined to be.  Your days blur together, and you lose all desire to reach for your dreams and goals because you feel everything is fine the way it is.  The reason why you feel that everything is fine is because you are comfortable.  This can lead to feelings of being unfulfilled and inadequate.  If you are not careful, these feelings could lead to depression or anxiety.

Opportunities are missed in comfort zone..

When you are comfortable in your comfort zone, you run the risk of missing those opportunities that can get you closer to your goals.  I often shake my head at all of the times that I turned down an opportunity because it required me to do something outside of my comfort zone.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone means doing those things that feel foreign to you.  But these are the very things that could also mean the difference between living your dreams and living in your comfort zone.

Becoming watered down version of yourself.

Most of us have had big dreams and big goals that we have wanted to achieve.  Whether it was starting a business or going back to school, we had some goal that we wanted to achieve.  Life often happens and we end up in our comfort zone.  If any effort is put into achieving our goals, it is temporary.  The extra work and dedication needed to make these things happen become a bit much and you sometimes abandon them to return to what is comfortable.  You become the watered-down version of yourself because you still have those dreams that you had before you got into your comfort zone. The dreams remain but you never really become that person because you are hesitant to come out of your comfort zone. 

Frustration and regrets.

Sometimes we go through life and the years pass by before we realize that we are not really living our best lives.  This leads to frustration and regrets.  Frustration and regrets about what should have been or what could have been loom large.  You become frustrated because you may be feeling stuck and then looking back at the different opportunities that you may have passed on causes the regret. Your comfort zone feels good but what does not feel good is the thought that so much more could have been accomplished had you made even the tiniest step outside of your comfort zone.

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What are some of the things that you do to get out of your comfort zone?  What do you think you have missed out on while you lived in your comfort zone? 

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18 thoughts on “5 Risks of Living in Your Comfort Zone

  1. “You fall into a mental rut”. Oh my gosh! if this isn’t the truth. Predictability can be reassuring but you really suffer mentally because there is nothing new and exciting happening. No dopamine or adrenaline firing. Nothing challenging you. Nothing to “solve”. I like to say expand your comfort zone and you’ll be surprized just how much wider your comfort zone becomes. Thanks for the great read girl.

    1. Exactly!! Learning new things or meeting new people can get you out of that rut of always knowing what is happening next. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. This was an AMAZING post and so timely. I don’t even want to begin to tell you how many things I missed out on by living in my comfort zone but no more playing small for me. Thank you for the reminder to stand in my greatness

    1. Exactly. One day you just look up and realize life is passing you by why you are just snuggled comfortably in your comfort zone. glad to know that you are no longer playing it small and are venturing outside of your comfort zone. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I definitely find that my comfort zone can create a mental rut so this was a really useful post to read. It’s been a weird time lately and it’s so easy to fall into this mentality. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes recent circumstances have made it very easy to follow to a mental right even if you weren’t living in your comfort zone already. Being conscious of what is happening is key to easing out of your comfort zone. Thank you for reading.

  4. Somethings I like to do get out of my comfort zone is just do it. Lol sounds crazy, but it’s like this mental switch of, “Girl you know you can, just do it!”

    1. I agree totally. That is literally how I started this blog. I was in my comfort zone of writing but not putting my stuff out there to be read. And one day I just stopped thinking about it and started posting 😊. Like a light switch – just like you said. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. I needed to read this. I am definitely living in my comfort zone and rarely, if ever, venture outside of it. This has given me a spark to look for an opportunity that is just outside my comfort zone to pursue!

    1. Yes, I have learned that it is best to just stretch your comfort zone a little as opposed to jumping straight out of it. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Oh dear, mental rut? I think I just stepped into that zone. Another lockdown, and it will kill my creativity and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it, so will try my best to get out of my comfort zone. Thank you.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it and I am sure you are not alone with heading towards a mental rut. Sending you positive vibes in your efforts to get out of your comfort zone.

  7. Amazing post! This is definitely something I struggle with. It can be so easy to just hide out in your comfort zone and tell yourself everything is fine. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. You nailed it when you said you become a “watered down version of yourself.” That thought alone will keep me from spending too much time in my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your comfort zone feels good but can hinder you at the same time. Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. This was such a powerful post!. As humans we csn easily become complacent in our comfort zones because it is a safety net for us. But in order us to grow and discover our true selves, stepping outside our comfort zone is key.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. That is so true. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  9. I love this article, thank you for sharing! This topic is so important. One important way I am constantly reminded and encouraged to get out of my comfort zone is to find accountability in the relationships in my life. The people that surround you should be the people encouraging you to be greater…to be the best version of yourself!

    1. You are absolutely right about the circle of people you associate yourself with. They should be your cheerleaders and offer encouragement as you seek to stretch your comfort zone. That was a great point. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post.

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