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4 Paths to a Bold, Fearless Life

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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Les Brown

I absolutely love this quote because it faces you think: am I truly living my dreams or am I living my fears? That is a legit question.  Many people may say they are living their dreams. But when they think about every time, they second guessed themselves or not giving 100% of their effort into something, the answer may change.  A lot of people live at least a portion of their lives in fear.  Some of this fear may be legit but some of it may be fueled by things that can be controlled.  The following are a few ways you can begin living your dreams.

Find the Source of Your Fear

This may take a bit of time, but it is imperative that you find the true source of your fear.  Once you determine the source of your fears, you can begin to break whatever it is into small, manageable chunks so you can overcome it and truly begin to live your best life.  Some of the solutions to overcoming these fears may require the assistance of a counselor or therapist.  It will be worth to really take the time to really dig and find the source of your fear so that you can live your life freely.

Change Your Mindset

Sometimes we start out living our lives vicariously, but we end up living lives filled with fear due to our mindsets that may shift over time.  We sometimes start out with growth mindsets where everything is going well and all breaks are seeming to go our way.  When all is well it is quite easy to believe that you can learn more, work harder, and keep reaching for your goals.  However, if you have a fixed mindset and you have allowed fear to creep in, then fear will become a part of your thinking and it will be difficult to move forward.  To be successful, you must minimize any fear that you are experiencing and adopt a growth mindset.

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Practice Mindfulness

If fear has crept into your life and seems to occupy most of your thoughts, you can attempt to control it through various methods.  Meditation is one technique can be used to help you face your fear and make it less intimidating.  Deep breathing can also be helpful when you need to move forward but you begin to feel fear creep in. This deep breathing can help calm you until the fear subsides. Journaling can also be a technique to put your thoughts on paper and work through your fears through your entries.  You will be able to look back and see how you have overcome your fears in the past to motivate you to work toward overcoming them now.  Also, positive thinking and reframing of negative thoughts into positive ones can help your fears not to appear to be so big that you cannot overcome them.   

Do Not Give Fear Energy

Feeling fear is sometimes just a part of living.  When you are trying something new or in an unfamiliar situation, fear is likely to arise.  The main thing is to not lean into the fear.  This can be challenging but the most beneficial thing to do is to let the fear come, acknowledge it, and then let it pass.  It can sometimes be challenging, and this may take a lot of practice.  Denying fear, the opportunity to completely consume you will take time and practice.

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Do you feel as if you live life fearlessly? What advice would you give those who strive to live fearlessly?

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21 thoughts on “4 Paths to a Bold, Fearless Life

  1. Feeling a bit of fear when trying something new is normal, but when it starts taking over, that’s when we have a problem. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Exactly! You have to allow yourself to feel the fear while you proceed to do what you know you need to do.

  2. That’s quote at the beginning is so powerful! I had to take a moment to pause and reflect before continuing on.

    Mindfulness is such a powerful tool that I think is often overlooked, because to most it looks boring. But once a person is able to truly understand the power of it, it can do wonders for person’s mental health.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes. It can definitely be life changing! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. This is a very insightful post!

    1. Thank you 😊!

  4. In this period of transformation, I’ve spent time coming to grips with fear and what is has cost me. I’m intent on getting my life back, and I’m determined to never again let fear rob me of what is rightfully mine. These are excellent strategies.

    1. You sound exactly like me!! Acknowledging what has not been done accomplished due to fear yet determined to get it done now. Good luck on your journey. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. Great advice! It is so easy to let fear take over our lives and snowball into something completely out of control. I find if I can take a step back and change my perspective, things don’t seem as scary. Of course that can be easier said than done. Thanks for sharing these great tips for being fearless!

    1. Fear can take you down several rabbit holes that can be very overwhelming. Changing perspective is a great way to keep fear from taking over.

  6. Great information. To be bold is to be confident. Living a fearless life takes courage. I appreciate you sharing your tips!

    1. You are absolutely right. Living without fear is a choice and it does take courage. Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. I used to fear change but now I embrace it. Fear holds us back from reaching our potential

    1. That is so true!! Fear only has as much power as we give it.

  8. Love the quote at the beginning. Fear is behind so many not taken actions and missed opportunities.

    1. Yes. I love that quote because it makes you stop and really think.

  9. I believe Fear is all about our mindset and can be overcome. We need to understand where the fear comes from and take it from there. Great post, thanks!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Finding the source of your fear is the first step in overcoming it.

  10. Living in fear is a quick path to failure. Thanks for this, I think we all need constant reminders to help us be fearless.

    1. Exactly! Living in fear is not really living at all.

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