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Mid Week Reflection: Do Not Lose Your Enthusiasm

It is easy to keep going and power forward when things are going well. When you are catching lucky breaks and life is going your way, you feel that you can overcome anything. But what happens when you hit a set back? If all of a sudden the chips do not fall your way? Do you lose the pep in your step or do you press forward until things begin to look up again? As this quote states, success is walking from failure to failure, or disappointment to disappointment without losing your desire to do great things. For you to accomplish this, you have to have the mindset that failure is a setup for a comeback. You have to believe that you may have had an off day today but tomorrow is a new day full of new possibilities.  Being successful is a mindset, you have to know and believe you are successful no matter what the circumstances are.  Not losing enthusiasm is the key to success when things do not go your way.  What are some of the things that you do to not lose enthusiasm?