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Procrastination: What are You Waiting For? – Part 3: Perfectionism

This can look a lot of different ways.  It can be you saying that everything needs to be perfect before you even began to work towards your goal.  This thinking makes you think that everything has to be perfectly aligned for you to begin working on your goal.  Or this thinking can make you feel that everything has to be perfect once you reach your goal. 

This type of thinking makes it hard for you to start your goal of, say, writing a book because you are unsure if you will complete the book.  Or even if you complete the book, what if nobody likes it?  What if you cannot get it published?   What if there is pressure to complete a second book?  You get the picture.  Perfectionism will keep you stuck because the perfect scenario that you have created in your head may never happen.  And there is no way you can predict how things will turn out once you begin. 

The key to getting past this type of procrastination is to change your mindset.  Just like with the fear of failure, this will not come easy at first but it can be done.  For starters, you must begin to believe that everything will work out for you.  If you never believe that things will end positively, then you will never begin.  Also, you must understand that everything will very rarely align perfectly.  And if it does, it is very unlikely that it is going to stay that way.  You must keep moving forward, even when things are not lining up the way you feel that they should. 

This was a challenge for me as I began this blog.  Understanding the commitment that it would take to start and sustain a blog, I felt like everything had to be in place in my life before I got started.  I felt this way for several months until I finally realized that I would never get started if I waited until the perfect time.  So I just started.  And I have continued even when circumstances made it difficult to continue.  Understanding that there may be setbacks along the way is key to realizing that not many things will be or remain perfect.  But you must keep moving forward – even if you are moving forward slowly.